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Biscet Is Honored by Two Hundred Thousand Pro Life Spaniards

Information extracted from the Spanish newspaper La Gaceta

On March 26, 2011, seventy cities and forty nine organizations joined forces to celebrate the International Day for the Defense of Life. One of these organizations is the Centro Internacional para la Defensa de la Vida (CIDEVIDA [International Center for the Defense of Life]) based in the city of Oviedo in Asturias. For a long time, the CIDEVIDAS has collaborated closely with the Lawton Foundation for Human Rights which been presided b former prisoner of conscience, Dr. Oscar Elías Biscet.

CIDEVIDA’S secretary, Juan José Panizo Izaguirre , and the poet, Efrain Canella, asked Dr. Biscet for a video where he gives testimony of his struggles to defend the rights of the unborn inside Cuba. Thanks to modern technology, Dr. Biscet’s message has been heard and applauded by over two hundred thousand activists of the pro life movement participated in this event all across Spain.

Dr. Biscet addressed the participants with a short but emotional message: “No disability or life conditions can be used to justify impeding any human being from the right to live.”


The march in Oviedo took place in the Plaza de la Escandalera where Efraín Canella, Dr. Jorge Valdés, former president of the Colegio Médico de Asturias and a hundred members of the association CIDEVIDA displayed signs with Dr. Biscet’s pictures on them.


With the slogan Yes to Life and amidst music, smiles, deep emotions and lots of hope, over one hundred and sixty thousand residents of Madrid took to the capital’s center to celebrate life and to strongly ask all political powers to fight all barriers which keep any human being from enjoying this fundamental right. Most signs read Yes to life, No to Abortion, Let Me live, and No abortions from PSOE (Socialist Spanish Workers Party) nor PP (Partido Popular.)


Barcelona joined the celebration of the Día Internacional de la Defensa de la Vida with a protest in front of the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia. The act was organized by the Plataforma Cataluña Vida Sí and had the support of other groups such Hazte Oír, Derecho a Vivir and the Instituto de Apoyo Familiar. Hundreds of people manifested carrying signs that read No al negocio del aborto (Say No to abortion) and No Matarás (Thou Shall Not Kill.)


On the same date and at the same time Dr. Biscet and his wife Elsa united in prayer with the millions of people around the world who raised their voices in defense of the weakest and forgotten. At that time, his new cell, Acosta #464, in Lawton, became one more temple where the right to life of the unborn was defended.

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