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Freedom a Gift from God to the World

Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet

President of the Lawton Foundation of Human Rights


In 1989, The Communist regime in Eastern Europe crumbled and two years later the Soviet Union experienced the same process. The nations who conquered freedom due to these historical events were filled with joy.

In the Western Hemisphere, the Castros’ regime continued its traumatic oppression over the Cuban people. Even though the Island’s regime is languishing under the weight of its inefficiency and its injustice, its citizens have been unable to shake off the yoke of oppression. This is due to the fact that we live in a society of fear in which state terror and increasing double standard rule. These two laws are standard essential characteristics of the final stage of dictatorships.

Now, the maximum leaders of Cuba, Fidel and Raúl Castro, have finally convinced themselves of the failure of Socialism and are desperately seeking a magic formula capable of pulling the nation out of its deep economic, political, moral and social crisis. After more than five decades, the autocratic government has admitted that its economic model is overly centralized, and they have been obligated to take measures towards a decentralized system which is incoherent with its centralized planning.

Raúl acknowledges that economic reform itself will not improve the country’s chaotic situation. That is why distancing himself from the classical Marxist- Leninist dogma which states that “productive forces are the driving forces of society” initiates the post-Communism ideological stage.

There are four economic models: Classical, Centralized Economic Planning, Keynesian and Neoclassical. These models in conjunction with political ideology determine the type of political system that defines society. Let’s analyze various examples. The People’s Chinese Republic with its market economy and lack of basic rights constitutes an autocratic government with the characteristics of a fascist regime. Chile and South Korea with their market economies, ample basic rights and their democratic governments are examples of a representative democracy. Canada with its Keynesian model, its respect for basic rights and its democratic government exemplifies another type of representative democracy. Finally, North Korea and Cuba with their centrally planned economies, their absolute lack of basic rights and their autocratic governments are deplorable examples of totalitarian Communist dictatorships.

In reality, the ruling Raúl Castro pushed for weak economic reforms which do not encompass all private initiatives. If we add to that the high taxes and the predominance of central planning, there is no doubt that with this formula the country will not be able to move towards a free market economy.

The Chicago School of Economics and its leader Milton Friedman propose that economic freedom and political freedom are inseparable. Even when this theory is behind the Neoliberal Revolution in the United States of America and the United Kingdom and which has extended to the world, there are exceptions to the rule such as Communist China and Singapore.

Private property is a strong pillar of freedom that is why Skylock stated, “When you take the resources with which I live, you take my life.” And, that is the basic reason why Communists confiscate and have the state control property. A man whose property has been taken away becomes a slave of the all powerful state. This concept is not absolute and has its exceptions. Such is the case of the great proprietors under the regimes of Hitler and Mussolini.

In order to have non-violent change that will move a dictatorship towards democracy, there must be objective and subjective conditions promoting it. Above all, the hierarchy in place has to be receptive to change without bloodshed. Such were the cases of South Korea, Taiwan, Chile, and Spain. South Africa and Mexico among other nations. A tyrannical government which does not wish to benefit its people with liberty will never voluntarily give up power. This is the sad case that often leads to violence as in Khadafy’s Lybia, Ceausescu’s Romania, and Milosevic’s Yugoslavia.

In Cuba, the hierarchy of the Castro regime totally despises its people and continues to enslave them in misery and humiliation. If these human rights continue to be denied, tensions and defiance will increase. Therefore, the memory of Zapata Tamayo and Soto Garcia will unchain non-violent popular insurrection throughout the streets, plazas and parks of Cuba. Because, one way or another, we Cubans will be free.

The altruistic and compassionate ideals constitute the cornerstone of humanity’s quest for freedom and democracy. The imitation of good through positive thought leads to a better life for the members of a community. When I was sentenced for my unfailing defense of human rights, one of the charges brought against me was my correspondence with former President George W. Bush. The state attorney was unable to substantiate the accusation. Today, I want to share with my readers one of his thoughts which I always kept as a treasure, “Freedom is not a gift which the United States offers to the world but a gift from God to Humankind.”