Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet
President of the Lawton Foundation for Human Rights
Presidential Medal of Freedom
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Soviet imperialism invaded Afghanistan with impunity to the nation in 1979. This began a mass exodus of citizens to neighboring countries like Pakistan and Iran. After a decade had more than six million refugees in these countries and established a world record in this category.

So did the wars of ethnic cleansing in the Balkans, former Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic promoted during the decades of the nineties. This caused a massive flight of the population. Four million fled their homes, among which were two million Kosovar Albanians.

At the same time, because of the massive massacres of the Rwandan government, the two million Hutus fled into the town of Kibumba, east of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In the Caribbean islands of Cuba, ruled by the tyrannical regime of Castro, its population has fled en masse to escape the political and religious persecution, and to improve their living conditions before the economic failure of the regime.

These momentous events were expressed as follows:

1959-1962 took refuge in the United States more than 270 thousand people.

1962-1965 fleeing tens of thousands of people. More than 14 thousand children are sent to the United States in Operation Peter Pan

1965 first exodus from the port of Camarioca, Matanzas. More than 300 thousand Cubans fled the country.

1980 seconds exodus across the bay of Mariel, Havana. More than 120 000 people fled to the United States, tens of thousands traveled to Peru.

1994 third exodus, more than 30 000 people took refuge in Guantanamo Bay. 10 000 were sent to Panama.

1994-2011 several thousand Cubans are fleeing by sea to Central and then move to the United States. Other people in other countries drop out of work and play missions from Governments of the Island

Some interesting aspects of these acts of desperation we can see with the Mariel boatlift. Years before the Castro government had imposed state terror and after having intimidated the population imposed the 1976 Constitution, which authorities claim was approved by 97.7% from 98% who took a vow. But the test of the electoral farce was demonstrated by the fact that four years later fled the country over 120 thousand people in a few months.

Other aspects that draw attention is that these government warlords categorized as self-releasing the black population and that this race was discriminated against, he threw the dogs and they were all very poor in the United States. However in the Mariel boatlift the vast majority of people were black or mixed race.

Fidel Castro was furious upon learning of this fact and gave the order to get out of prison all the black criminals and deport him to the goal of Cuban exiles and the American people hate black Cubans.

Just as the authorities of the United States government took the Hungarian experience in the political crisis of 1989. Hungary opened its borders to East German citizens came to Austria and then to West Germany.

The U.S. authorities should have taken refuge in the Guantanamo Naval Base to one or two million Cubans disaffected. This measure would have resulted in the downfall of Castro's tyranny as was the case in Communist Germany Honecker.

I am sure with the multimillion dollar figure that would have cost to keep these refugees none of the military and economic powers would be opposed to solving the refugee problem as happened in the former East Germany.

At the height of cynicism, the Castro regime and does not use negative insults and epithets to refer to Cuban exiles. Now used to finance its economic disaster and prolong tyranny. The now classified as economic migrants and citizens become privileged or first order with foreigners and the ruling elite. Meanwhile, most of whom we still lag behind third-class citizens in our own country.

More than two million Cubans living outside Cuba and hundreds of thousands who wish to leave the country are living proof of the political-economic failure of the communist dictatorship in Cuba.

The Cuban hierarchy to utter cries reforms that benefit all the people of Cuba because what they propose is more communism and absolute power for themselves. Some institutions in the country asking for changes that benefit the public but are unable to specify.

I say they are directly and with few words. Cubans urgently need:

Changes to restore our dignity as free men through respect for our human rights.
Changes that recognizes our right to own.
Changes that respects the rules of a market economy.
Changes which replaces an outdated tyranny over half a century with free elections leading to democracy and rule of law where every citizen is master of his fate.
That is the only formula that will be able to bring peace and prosperity for all the children of Cuba.