The Castro dictatorship CAN NOT KILL THE HOPES OF THE CUBAN PEOPLE. PDF Print E-mail


Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet

President of the Lawton Foundation for Human Rights

Presidential Medal of Freedom

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On that special night and quickly walked grouped more than two dozen individual. Some young people and a few elders. But many children who were required by adults for children's joys awakened by the prying eyes of passersby and neighbors during their wanderings of hope.

It was 11: 50 pm on the last day of the old year, and for fulfilling their desire to travel abroad should return before year's end. Among the joys, dreams outstanding concerns to be seen and the prospects of finding a better future, they were all clinging to the heavy bag or your traveling companion during the journey through the streets of the block from its environment. They concluded this evening stroll full of illusions in the hope that in the near future, might be lucky enough to escape the Island of Hell as they call to communist Cuba.

This name Dante is no exaggeration when we consider the miserable conditions in which these youth live in our unfortunate island. Because Castro, in its enormous appetite for clinging to power, have implemented state terror, curtailed the freedoms of the Cuban people and established a totalitarian dictatorship type bolchevique.Estos Caribbean Bolsheviks had the evil ability to impose fear and sculpt in the mind of every Cuban, the hard, dark and fateful phrase of Dante: "Abandon all hope." The Castro government, through its political police, Department of State Security has used all scientific methods to implement its policy of terror, including the rumor mill and its priests sorcerers who have prejudiced people.

Phrases such as "One swallow does not include summer" or "One does not stick mount" or "This does not fix it but some people who do not lie" are in daily use by the vox populi to evade the responsibilities of citizenship in the society and to end the dictatorship.

These statements not only kill the hopes they are promoted to annihilate the human and divine anquilosarlos every Cuban under the Castro-communist system. In addition, all hopelessness threatens the Supra-consciousness, with which they are endowed only humans. Hope is one of the three theological virtues with Christian faith and love.

The Biblical God is a God of love that gives hope to anyone who follows. This God criticizes slavery, servitude, dictatorships freedom because he is magnanimous and made man and woman in His likeness. For this in the book of Isaiah, chapter 10, verse 1. He says: "Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and prescribe tyranny ..."

The Cuban people must reject these unworthy phrases as they say, then refute them with these responses:

-When did ancient sailors on a long journey across the sea, thought they were lost, but if watching a swallow in the sky, laughing with joy and filled with hope because they knew that land was near.

-If your ship sinks at sea and you're drifting, and find a stick, hold it to save his life.

-This is true no one can fix, nor Raul Castro with his false promises. Communism died long ago in the Soviet Union and its European satellites. Also in Cuba has long since died out. To this point, that not even speak the Castro brothers to save communism. It lies next to his grave. Necessary and imperative is to take the blades of dignity and to bury the rotting corpse.

This is only possible when a crowd of Cubans honest plan, organize and implement the massive non-violent political challenge. And at the same time, its leaders teach, monitor, care for and teach their nonviolent activists to trigger the decisive battle to end once and for all the already shaky dictatorship. Now tell me not be justified considering that there are people with free ideas, win human rights and institute democracy in Cuba.

Remember look for those patriots who promoted the project "Principles for a New Nation" with the objectives described above to ensure the disintegration of the dictatorship through nonviolent civic struggle.

All human beings possess free will. This natural force, in partnership with hope, you can definitely change our lives and build a better country. Remember when the people of Israel was ruthlessly persecuted in the Egyptian Empire across the desert to destroy it. The Biblical God protected them and gave them the victory. That biblical God also loves us and is ready to come to the aid of the Cuban people.

There was a critical moment and mistrust of Israel, when Pharaoh and his army had besieged the Israelites with their backs to the sea. The Hebrew doubted the promise of God, complained and protested, they sent their leader Moses to pray to God for their salvation. Then God said: Why do you cry to me? Marchen below.

The incredible fact is that the sea was to the people, and they did not understand the words mentioned by Moses, to go forward. There was fear of such a decision but also confidence and hope in God. When they began to move, then the sea opened, leaving a dry path as a means of salvation.

This historic passage of the Jewish people should inspire us and fill us with hope for all Cubans. Because even in the most critical moments and dark must keep faith and hope in the ultimate victory under a God who loves us. That is the way to maintain the struggle to gain the desired freedom of our country. Because we have no doubt that the God of hosts is our leader in this battle which is approaching its climax. Therefore, I wish all my countrymen a 2012 full of health, happiness and prosperity.