Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet

President of the Lawton Foundation for Human Rights

Presidential Medal of Freedom

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The expectations of the majority of Cubans are on how to escape the tyrannical regime of Castro. Their dreams are longed to take the opportunity of another exodus to rid you of this social nightmare.

They are so cruel their despair they think that the curse of this land will be eternal. Fearing the return of the Communists, some refuse even to live in this beautiful archipelago even when there is freedom.

When we consider the history of gross and systematic violations of human rights by the Castro dictatorship we realize that fear has basis in reality.

As if the country were their private property, these hierarchs and their despicable minions have planted in the minds and hearts of every Cuban discontent the lapidary slogan "if you do not like to go." Since ancient tyrants as they have applied the formula of "fleeing enemy bridge of silver."

The Sixth Congress of the Communist Party was another huge failure in the unsuccessful sharply basic human rights. However, some individuals and institutions that house the strange illusion that Castro-Stalinism can be upgraded for the benefit of the people waited for some reforms in the First Party Conference.

The Party Conference was an opportunity seized by the autocratic regime to expose publicly what he had forged in secret. That, through his brother Raul, Fidel Castro maintains a tight grip on the nation and has, at least for now, to respond to the demands and threats of moderate reformers within the party.

Now the regime is preparing for a phase of greater repression and harassment of the opposition forces both as moderate members within the party. Proceed to arrest, detain and decry anyone who does not submit to government policy. I do not doubt that everything will be purged of moderate reformist Communist organization to ensure continuity and absolute power of party orthodoxy.

At this crucial moment in our history the Lawton Foundation for Human Rights proposed that the communist regime take without further delay, the following measures:

Ratify the International Covenants on human rights especially civil and political rights.

Peremptorily put into practice the inalienable freedoms.

Repeal section five of the Communist Constitution.

Allow entry, exit and residence of all Cubans at home with full guarantee of their freedoms.

Ensuring the direct participation of the Cuban exiles in the process of democratic change in our country.

Demand the resignation of all current members of the Council of State and Government, and those linked to crimes against humanity.

Moreover, the true freedom of speech is that proposed by Raul Castro at the Party Conference but guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19 which states:

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression: this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek their opinions, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers, by any means of expression .

The Cuban people should be filled with hopes and take the final steps to win their freedom. This is possible only through the union of the people with those opponents who have decided to stay in Cuba to make our free and sovereign.

The formula we have stated on previous occasions but repeat it again. And none other than civil disobedience or mass political defiance nonviolent to realize once and for all our legitimate aspirations for justice, democracy and freedom.