Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet

President of the Lawton Foundation for Human Rights

Presidential Medal of Freedom

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Your false sense of tranquility is transfigured quickly. Could not withstand the challenge of state policy. He did not mind at all that the judgment was supported by twenty Heads of State or Government. He thought that angry and yell insults against the president of a nation would slow the resolution condemning the terrorist group ETA.

These unusual events occurred during the Tenth Ibero-American Summit in Panama in 2000. Starring the irascible and profane President Fidel Castro. The victim of unjustified verbal, Salvadoran President Francisco Flores. The latter, by deploying their Christian principles, followed the advice of King Solomon: "Answer a fool according to his folly lest he be wise in his own eyes."

All the deep knowledge acquired by Flowers in the universities of Oxford and Harvard in the U.S., more the domain of philosophical thought Hinduism, served to maintain equanimity and respond wisely profundad this despicable dictator who behaved like a madman.

On many previous occasions Castro had used language in their diplomatic exchanges despotic and violated the civilized standards of conduct and protocol in its dealings with other heads of states. The most noticeable when the publicity given to private telephone conversation with President of Mexico Vicente Fox His attitude was treacherous revenge on the Mexican president who asked not to create an embarrassing situation with then-President Bush at the Monterrey conference in April 2002.

When some think these are the characteristics of the temperament of the Caribbean dictator are not far from reality. But the tragedy is not just about his character but his ability to have printed the same kind of intolerance to a totalitarian system that has led more than half a century.

In a related matter, on 16 February this year I was honored to testify at the Committee of Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives, the Subcommittee on Africa, General Health and Human Rights. One of the things I discussed was my support for the independence of the Kosovar people. And claimed the same solidarity with the Cuban people in their struggle for freedom and democracy.

This sincere and worthy desire, plus the strong criticism of the Stalinist dictatorship that oppresses castro my country, unleashed in the faithful spokesmen of the regime a number of comments not only false that distorted my statements but even the world history.

Let's review the words with the same accuracy when they were exposed at the time:

"Tomorrow we will celebrate with pride the fourth anniversary of the independence of Kosovo. Five years ago you Americans promised him the strong support for Albanian independence. They did it with such conviction, honor and love that many countries joined in this just cause and triumphed. "

"This is the support that I ask of you to my people be free and sovereign."

The Yeomen of the tyrannical regime have been saying that the U.S. Congress asked the military intervention in Cuba a la Kosovo or bombing my country like NATO to Serbia. To reinforce that idea tildarme went as far as mentally ill as did his Fuhrer Fidel Castro in 1999.

Although baseless all these words are said to confuse and stifle the hopes of freedom of the Cuban people live under the constant lies and deliberate misinformation of the Castro government. These parrots underpaid should know that history can be twisted to benefit the whims of despots because it would be itself without its scientific foundations. Let's see.

In the historiography described here there are two moments on Kosovo independent of each other. The first related to the Kosovo War in 1999, and the other with its Declaration of Independence, in 2008.


Slobodan Milosevic was president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, comprising Serbia, including Kosovo and Montenegro, 1997-2000. He was a communist and based its power on the Serbian nationalist exaltation. Her dreams of creating the Great Serbian Empire and the Great Serbia were frustrated to see the disintegration of their nation.

Moreover, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia consisted of six autonomous republics (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia) from 1945 to 1992. Milosevic revoked the autonomy of the province of Kosovo in 1989. The central government of Serbia began promoting a policy of terror and ethnic cleansing against Kosovo Albanians in 1998.

In order to stop the carnage, the United Nations declared Milosevic guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. After the failure of negotiations to resolve by political and diplomatic ways this conflict, NATO and other countries intervened militarily in Yugoslavia between March and June 1999.

Resolution 1244 of the Security Council of the UN gave the green light to stop the crimes of Milosevic maintained the status quo in the province of Kosovo in Serbia. A multinational force was deployed for peacekeeping in Kosovo (KFOR). The twenty-six NATO member countries and seven non-members of this pact formed the KFOR.

As a result of this initiative, Milosevic was handed over by the government of his country to the Hague International Tribunal for the crimes charged in the conflicts in Kosovo, Croatia (1991-1992) and Bosnia (1992-1995). The process began in February 2002, but could not be concluded by his sudden death on March 11, 2006.

This butcher of the Albanians and disciple Hitler, escaped the punishment of human tribunals, but not the condemnation of history, let alone the justice of God.


In this period there was peace on this land. Kosovo's parliament declared independence unilaterally on Feb. 17, 2008, and formed the Democratic Republic of Kosovo. According to Hashin Thaci, prime minister, the republic is characterized as "democratic, multiethnic and non-discriminatory" and said "respect for minorities and human rights and citizens under the European convention of human rights."

In 2007 President George Bush was received by the Albanian people in Fushe Kruje near Tirana. They promised the independence of Kosovo and entry into NATO of Albania. Both are realities today. The Albanians received him with much love and joy that the tyrant in chief of Cuba bother with this beautiful fact. The proposal for Kosovo's independence promoted by Bush, was supported by 69 countries of the 192 that make up the United Nations. And until February 10, 2012 the 88 countries supported.

There were, however, contradictory situations like the fact that countries that participated in the military campaign such as Spain, Slovakia and Greece, no later acknowledged the sovereignty of Kosovo. Another unexplained event was that the Kosovo Albanians declared independence in 1990 was recognized only by their ethnic brethren Albanians. This is a town of religious Muslim majority and I think Bush, a true hero and he erected a statue in Fushe Kruje in 2011.

In another of these strange events of history, the United States supported the independence of Albania in 1912, as opposed to predatory European powers did their best to erase the map of Europe to the Albanians.

Likewise, the International Court of Justice in The Hague said the Kosovo declaration of independence did not violate international law, nor resolution 1244 the Security Council of the United Nations.

Serbia with a new policy approach but has not recognized Kosovo, has stated that it was a legal process. Both countries are interested in joining the European Union. Russia, China, Iran, Cuba and a few others refuse to recognize that independence.

Castro-Stalinist dictatorship has been involved with many events evil of mankind as the refusal to recognize the independence and sovereignty of the Albanian people, one of the oldest in Europe.

But the spokesmen of the autocratic regime of Havana have never questioned why F. Castro had given him the highest distinction of the State Council, the Order of Jose Marti, the infamous character despised by their people as Nicolae Ceausescu, Eric Honecker, Robert Mugabe and Muammar Gaddafi.

My thoughts related to freedom and democracy for Cuba has been exposed very clearly in my writings and statements. As a devoted disciple of Gandhi say: "We must be the expression of our proposals." This is the true meaning of my life and the main reason to stand firm in fighting for the freedom of my country and for human rights in the world