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Irreparable loss of Oswaldo Paya and HAROLD CEPERO

For Ms. Elsa Morejon Hernandez

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Loss of Osvaldo Paya and Harold Cepero, human rights activists in Cuba on July 22, has been in a violent car crash on Highway Tunas, Bayamo, Granma Province and in unclear circumstances in full as their immediate families, both pacifist Christian Liberation Movement traveled to the east of the country with the desire to care and help people in need and persecuted by the government of Cuba, were decent people and loved by many Cubans and the international community.

The month of June was the last time my husband Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet and I saw Osvaldo and his wife Ofelia together, we both explained that their car had been overturned them in when traveling on the Avenue in Rancho Boyeros Havana.

Ofelia Acevedo recently told the International Public Opinion "I seek not guilty, I seek the truth

For Osvaldo Paya there a history of repeated threats to his life in the public complaints. The newspaper Granma official organ of the Communist Party of Cuba has published on page three a note from the Ministry of Interior which tells an inquiry into the facts of the alleged traffic accident in the end concluded that continuing the investigation and criminal investigation according Cuban law, but omitted any kind of comment on who were the victims, not one word of testimony of their close relatives on telephone conversation with the people who survived, much less regarding the harassment they faced.

Christian persecution and people for their ideal date from ancient times, during the rebellion of the Mau-Mau, the reign of terror of Idi Amin killed thousands of Christians, millions more suffered under Soviet and Chinese governments.

Today this is a reality in Cuba and other countries of the world, remember that in ancient Roman times a crazed Nero made the Christians the scapegoats for the problems of the empire.

Osvaldo, Harold and hundreds of Cubans accepted the challenge of persecution, and suffering for their ideals of democracy and human rights for Cuba.

The death of Osvaldo Paya and Harold Cepero not surprised off guard, but as pilgrims of truth on humanitarian mission by the Cubans.

The physical pain of the loss of these brothers is immense, when wearing a life of sincere faith suffering is a part of it; Osvaldo was a man who loved God and his family to Cuba, his wife Ofelia Acevedo and her three children need Today more than ever the humanitarian and spiritual support both Cubans and men and women who love God and human dignity.

As the Apostle Peter left us in his first epistle: We hope that the suffering will end one day is not a mirage but a living hope in him who has conquered death.