This project, imbued with a deep love of country, bears the name of one of the Cuban heroes who devoted the best of his fruitful life to the struggle for independence and freedom of Cuba.
We refer to Emilia Teurbe Toulon, designated in 1950 by the Congress of the Republic of Cuba, to mark the centenary of our national flag, as the incarnation of Women of Cuba.
Emilia was the first Cuban woman banished from our country for political reasons. He also had the honor of working on the original Cuban flag that was designed by her husband and poet Miguel Teurbe Toulon, on the initiative of General Narciso Lopez. Born into a wealthy family in the city of Matanzas, had human sensitivity to donate their property to benefit the education of the poor.
Those who sign this document, inspired by his patriotic example, we propose to make this project whose main objectives are: the conquest of fundamental human rights, democracy and freedom of the Cuban people.
We assume that Cuba's communist regime bases its legality in the 1976 Constitution, as amended in 2003. In article 69, the Constitution refers to the People's National Assembly as the organ of state power. He adds that the assembly represents and expresses the sovereign will of the people. To leave no doubt, Article 70 states that the National Assembly of People's Power is the only body with constituent and legislative authority in the Republic of Cuba.
WHEREAS: We have confirmed for years that the People's National Assembly has transgressed to cede their sovereign rights and power to the State Council.
WHEREAS: We verified that the National Assembly of People's Power has complied passively and given legal force to all laws adopted Decree by the State Council.
WHEREAS: The People's National Assembly has lost its sovereign power to accept the mandate of the Council of State in the call extraordinary sessions.
WHEREAS: The National Assembly of People's Power has infringed the freedom of our people by allowing the State Council declared as the National Constitution irrevocable political ideas, ideologies contrary to the interests of the Cuban people.
WHEREAS: The People's National Assembly has violated respect for the views of minorities enshrined in the constitutions of the world's most advanced and extreme power granted to docile majorities.
WHEREAS: The National Assembly of People's Power, violating the constitutional principle of the separation and independence of powers, has given the Council of State the power to issue guidelines and impose decisions on the Judiciary.
WHEREAS: The People's National Assembly has ignored the popular will and limited civic freedom by subordinating it Local Assemblies of People's Power.
WHEREAS: The People's National Assembly has stipulated that the Local Assemblies of People's Power are subordinate to the State Council.
WHEREAS: The National Assembly of People's Power has stifled freedom of expression, association, speech and press to not align with the policy and ideology of the state.
WHEREAS: The People's National Assembly has given the government the power to strip of their citizenship Cubans born in our country.
WHEREAS: The National Assembly of People's Power, not to object to the State Council measures that have sunk in misery and desperation of our people, has become complicit in this infamy.
WHEREAS: The National Assembly of People's Power Party has exalted one above the state and the nation.
Therefore: We declare that these laws, compiled in the 1976 Constitution, constitute an abuse of power that flagrantly violates the dignity of Cuban citizens.
Therefore: The 1976 Constitution, as amended in 2003, permanently institutionalizes the communist regime of Cuba.
Therefore: The People's National Assembly has no validity whatsoever and ceases to be the expression of the will of the people by giving the Council of State all privileges enshrined in the Cuban Constitution.
We believe that the current communist constitution violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Human Rights Covenants on Civil and Political Rights of the United Nations.
We agreed to declare illegitimate Communist Constitution and the National Assembly of People's Power bodies of state power.
We call on the Cuban people to subscribe this project for Cuba to take steps toward a sovereign, democratic, free and fair.
We proclaim that the new democratic and free Parliament emerged from these requirements is declared in Constituent and rubrique a constitution that respects the dignity of all Cubans.
We insist that the Constitution contains the foundations of democracy and freedom they have fought and given their lives so many of our compatriots from our wars of independence.
We demand that the legal system of our country has the basis of democratic principles that prevail in other nations of the civilized world. These are: sovereignty of the people, government based on the consent of the governed, majority rule, minority rights, guarantee of basic human rights, free and fair elections, equality before the law, due process, constitutional limits government, independent checks and balances, social pluralism, economic and political, as well as the values ​​of tolerance, pragmatism, cooperation and compromise.
Unfortunately, we have seen through more years than we recall as Cuba's communist regime has not concede a free atom and has stood rigidly and arbitrarily any changes to ensure a decent life for our people.
Consequently, we have no alternative but to launch the non-violent political challenge to realize the freedom of our people. To do this, we ask the assistance and protection of God, and we ask the Creator to guide us in this just cause for the freedom and prosperity of the Cuban people.
As in Havana, Cuba, on January 9, 2013
Club of Friends of Human Rights
Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet Gonzalez
Joaquin Palomino War
Committee for Change
Pedro Pablo Polanco Torrejón
Gabriel Garcia Gordillo
National Council for Civil Rights in Cuba
Jorge Lorenzo Omar Pimienta
Hard Line Front and Boycott "Orlando Zapata Tamayo"
Hugo Damián Prieto Blanco
Barbara Sendiñas Recardes
Opposition movements for a Free Cuba
Jose Diaz Silva
Union Party of Cuba Libre
Agustín Figueroa Galindo
Carlos Manuel Rodriguez Pupo.
Further information can call: 011-537-699-1774
The ideal of every citizen is to live in a prosperous nation, in peace and freedom. These concepts bring happiness to people have been severed in our country by a small group that took control of the country and refuse to guarantee these rights for the benefit of all citizens.
These inalienable rights should be set out in the law of the Cuban state laws. But the 1976 Constitution, as amended in 2003, requires the city to live permanently in a state of helplessness that makes object-dependent organs of state power.
Parliamentarians gave their sovereignty and power and justice agreed to subordinate executive bodies of government, triggering a fatal imbalance of power in the institutions of the nation to the detriment of the people.
All Cubans must work together to restore the dignity of every person in our country. The only way is appealing national institutions that brought us to this national catastrophe.
For all the above we invite you to sign the "Emilia Project". The same states in a simple and honorable path to transform quickly, and with as little damage to our country into a nation of successful ideas and economically it is an example of freedom for the world.
We invoke God's favor to consolidate these aspirations of the Cuban people.
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