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05-20-08 A Day of Solidarity with the Cuban People

04-17-08 Human Rights and Communist Cuba’s Hostages by Elsa Morejon

03-05-08 Aznar Shows Interest for Human Rights
11-05-07 Oscar Elias Biscet: A hero to all
11-04-07 My father's 'crime'

10-29-07 The White House. Office of the Press Announcement

10-29-07 Freedom Now. Presidential Medal of Freedom

07-14-07 Cuba Needs Same Int'l Solidarity As South Africa by Dr. Biscet

04-05-06  Prison Conditions of Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet

05-24-05  NotiCuba Interviews Biscet on General Assembly

05-20-05  Freedom Now Represents Dr. Biscet

04-28-05  Marta Beatriz Roque refers to Dr. Biscet at European Parliament

Christian Solidarity Worlwide Requests Biscet’s Release

12-01-04  Dr. Biscet is Transferred to Another Prison

11-04-04  Cuba: Human Rights Situation

10-31-04  Dr. Biscet Refuses Medical Aid

07-21-04  U.S. Concerned About Dr. Biscet and Other Political Prisoners

07-21-04  House Majority Leader Greets Biscet’s 43rd Birthday

06-07-04  Lawton Foundation Denounces Dr. Biscet’s Isolation

04-09-04  Dr. Biscet Pronounced President of Honor at Medical Convention