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This project, imbued with a deep love of country, bears the name of one of the Cuban heroes who devoted the best of his fruitful life to the struggle for independence and freedom of Cuba.
We refer to Emilia Teurbe Toulon, designated in 1950 by the Congress of the Republic of Cuba, to mark the centenary of our national flag, as the incarnation of Women of Cuba.
Emilia was the first Cuban woman banished from our country for political reasons. He also had the honor of working on the original Cuban flag that was designed by her husband and poet Miguel Teurbe Toulon, on the initiative of General Narciso Lopez. Born into a wealthy family in the city of Matanzas, had human sensitivity to donate their property to benefit the education of the poor.
Those who sign this document, inspired by his patriotic example, we propose to make this project whose main objectives are: the conquest of fundamental human rights, democracy and freedom of the Cuban people.
We assume that Cuba's communist regime bases its legality in the 1976 Constitution, as amended in 2003. In article 69, the Constitution refers to the People's National Assembly as the organ of state power. He adds that the assembly represents and expresses the sovereign will of the people. To leave no doubt, Article 70 states that the National Assembly of People's Power is the only body with constituent and legislative authority in the Republic of Cuba.
WHEREAS: We have confirmed for years that the People's National Assembly has transgressed to cede their sovereign rights and power to the State Council.
WHEREAS: We verified that the National Assembly of People's Power has complied passively and given legal force to all laws adopted Decree by the State Council.
WHEREAS: The People's National Assembly has lost its sovereign power to accept the mandate of the Council of State in the call extraordinary sessions.
WHEREAS: The National Assembly of People's Power has infringed the freedom of our people by allowing the State Council declared as the National Constitution irrevocable political ideas, ideologies contrary to the interests of the Cuban people.
WHEREAS: The People's National Assembly has violated respect for the views of minorities enshrined in the constitutions of the world's most advanced and extreme power granted to docile majorities.
WHEREAS: The National Assembly of People's Power, violating the constitutional principle of the separation and independence of powers, has given the Council of State the power to issue guidelines and impose decisions on the Judiciary.
WHEREAS: The People's National Assembly has ignored the popular will and limited civic freedom by subordinating it Local Assemblies of People's Power.
WHEREAS: The People's National Assembly has stipulated that the Local Assemblies of People's Power are subordinate to the State Council.
WHEREAS: The National Assembly of People's Power has stifled freedom of expression, association, speech and press to not align with the policy and ideology of the state.
WHEREAS: The People's National Assembly has given the government the power to strip of their citizenship Cubans born in our country.
WHEREAS: The National Assembly of People's Power, not to object to the State Council measures that have sunk in misery and desperation of our people, has become complicit in this infamy.
WHEREAS: The National Assembly of People's Power Party has exalted one above the state and the nation.
Therefore: We declare that these laws, compiled in the 1976 Constitution, constitute an abuse of power that flagrantly violates the dignity of Cuban citizens.
Therefore: The 1976 Constitution, as amended in 2003, permanently institutionalizes the communist regime of Cuba.
Therefore: The People's National Assembly has no validity whatsoever and ceases to be the expression of the will of the people by giving the Council of State all privileges enshrined in the Cuban Constitution.
We believe that the current communist constitution violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Human Rights Covenants on Civil and Political Rights of the United Nations.
We agreed to declare illegitimate Communist Constitution and the National Assembly of People's Power bodies of state power.
We call on the Cuban people to subscribe this project for Cuba to take steps toward a sovereign, democratic, free and fair.
We proclaim that the new democratic and free Parliament emerged from these requirements is declared in Constituent and rubrique a constitution that respects the dignity of all Cubans.
We insist that the Constitution contains the foundations of democracy and freedom they have fought and given their lives so many of our compatriots from our wars of independence.
We demand that the legal system of our country has the basis of democratic principles that prevail in other nations of the civilized world. These are: sovereignty of the people, government based on the consent of the governed, majority rule, minority rights, guarantee of basic human rights, free and fair elections, equality before the law, due process, constitutional limits government, independent checks and balances, social pluralism, economic and political, as well as the values ​​of tolerance, pragmatism, cooperation and compromise.
Unfortunately, we have seen through more years than we recall as Cuba's communist regime has not concede a free atom and has stood rigidly and arbitrarily any changes to ensure a decent life for our people.
Consequently, we have no alternative but to launch the non-violent political challenge to realize the freedom of our people. To do this, we ask the assistance and protection of God, and we ask the Creator to guide us in this just cause for the freedom and prosperity of the Cuban people.
As in Havana, Cuba, on January 9, 2013
Club of Friends of Human Rights
Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet Gonzalez
Joaquin Palomino War
Committee for Change
Pedro Pablo Polanco Torrejón
Gabriel Garcia Gordillo
National Council for Civil Rights in Cuba
Jorge Lorenzo Omar Pimienta
Hard Line Front and Boycott "Orlando Zapata Tamayo"
Hugo Damián Prieto Blanco
Barbara Sendiñas Recardes
Opposition movements for a Free Cuba
Jose Diaz Silva
Union Party of Cuba Libre
Agustín Figueroa Galindo
Carlos Manuel Rodriguez Pupo.
Further information can call: 011-537-699-1774
The ideal of every citizen is to live in a prosperous nation, in peace and freedom. These concepts bring happiness to people have been severed in our country by a small group that took control of the country and refuse to guarantee these rights for the benefit of all citizens.
These inalienable rights should be set out in the law of the Cuban state laws. But the 1976 Constitution, as amended in 2003, requires the city to live permanently in a state of helplessness that makes object-dependent organs of state power.
Parliamentarians gave their sovereignty and power and justice agreed to subordinate executive bodies of government, triggering a fatal imbalance of power in the institutions of the nation to the detriment of the people.
All Cubans must work together to restore the dignity of every person in our country. The only way is appealing national institutions that brought us to this national catastrophe.
For all the above we invite you to sign the "Emilia Project". The same states in a simple and honorable path to transform quickly, and with as little damage to our country into a nation of successful ideas and economically it is an example of freedom for the world.
We invoke God's favor to consolidate these aspirations of the Cuban people.
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Activist Biscet manifesto for promoting democracy in Cuba PDF Print E-mail

Activist Biscet manifesto for promoting democracy in Cuba

John O. Tamayo
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Cuban dissident and former political prisoner Oscar Elias Biscet called on Wednesday for a new mass movement to demand democracy and human rights "in public places, in a non-violent political challenge" to the government.

Flanked by other dissidents at a press conference in Havana, Biscet said "Emilia Project" has begun a solicitation of signatures for a statement rejecting all parts of the communist government as "illegitimate".

The second phase, he said, will be to present the declaration and signatures to international organizations such as the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands and the Commission on Human Rights, the Organization of American States (OAS).

"But the fundamental work is here in Cuba, trying to create a large civic mass movement" to try to advocate for democracy and human rights "in public places, in a non-violent political challenge" to the government, told The Nuevo Herald by phone from Havana.

Over time, the movement could become a political party, said Biscet, 51, a physician and founder of the Lawton Foundation for Human Rights and considered one of the most respected critics and conservative governments of Fidel and Raul Castro.

Dissidents have launched several similar campaigns in recent decades. Some were crushed by the government and others simply went out for lack of popular support.

Biscet and his wife Elsa Morejon, a professional nurse, were fired from their jobs in the public health system for their activism and he served 11 years in prison, the first three for dishonoring a national symbol to raise the Cuban flag upside down, among other accusations.

He was released in late 2002, but was arrested again a month later and tried as part of a crackdown on dissent in 2003, known as Cuba's Black Spring, when 75 opposition activists were sentenced peaceful up 28 years in prison for "counterrevolutionary activities."

Biscet told Amnesty International "prisoner of conscience" in 1999, and President George W. Bush awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2007.

Biscet was released in March 2011 as part of talks between Raul Castro and the Catholic Church that led to the recent release of 2003 prisoners who were still in prison. Most former prisoners went straight into exile in Spain, but Biscet and about a dozen of them remained in Cuba.

Biscet said "Emilia Project" was named after Emilia Teurbe Toulon, who sewed the first Cuban flag in 1849.

"We've been through more years than we recall how the communist regime has not concede a free atom and has stood rigidly and arbitrarily any changes to ensure a decent life for our people," the statement said.

"We have no alternative but (...) the non-violent political challenge to realize the freedom of our people," he added.

Biscet identified the first seven other people who signed the declaration as Cubans who had remained active dissident groups and human rights in some cases.

These were: Carlos Manuel Rodriguez and Agustin Figueroa Pupo Galindo, of Union Free Cuba, Jorge Lorenzo Omar Pimienta, National Council for Civil Rights in Cuba, Hugo Brito Damian White, hardline Front and Orlando Zapata Tamayo Boycott; Angel Pablo Polanco Torrejón and Gabriel Garcia Gordillo, the Committee for Change, and Jose Diaz Silva, the Opposition Movement for a New Republic.
Political assassinations will not stop FREEDOM OF CUBA PDF Print E-mail

Political assassinations will not stop FREEDOM OF CUBA
Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet
President of the Lawton Foundation for Human Rights
Presidential Medal of Freedom
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Follow me at: @ oscarbiscet

Two Cuban dissident leaders, both with the Sakharov Prize for human rights in the European Union and candidate to the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012, died in suspicious circumstances of extrajudicial killing. These leaders are Oswaldo Paya Sardinas and Laura Pollan, the Christian Liberation Movement (MCL) and the Ladies in White (DB) respectively.
In nothing can surprise these incidents from occurring in our country. This is always a good chance for those who fight for the freedom of Cuba. Because we live under the oppression of a totalitarian dictatorship that violates unscrupulous fundamental freedoms of its citizens. Similarly, there are many stories that demonstrate the bloodthirstiness of the leaders, Fidel and Raul Castro, Cuba's communist regime.
The most cynical and own the mafia in the power of the nation was meticulously chosen three young blacks, make summary judgment, biased, without due process and shoot in less than ten days. Then, with the coolness of a villain satisfied with their action, declared that he had done to curb the potential for mass exodus to freedom of the Cuban people. To rub more salt in the wound, said that, if necessary, would do it again in complete quietness. These amazing facts occurred in April 2003.
His brother, General Raúl, has authored similar bloody and scary stories. In 1959, early in his regime, extrajudicially shot hundreds of ideological adversaries, even populist account vox Fidel weary of so much blood, he said, to stop the bloodshed. So shed no more blood Raúl but continued taking the gallows killing their opponents.
For cases these events are not at all exaggerated, because during the government of General Castro has increased repression of the Cuban people. Beatings of dissent, especially women of the Ladies in White, cruel, degrading and torture in prisons and the deaths of six pro-democracy activists are a shameful record of the Cuban government.
In the circumstances aforesaid grows stronger in my mind the conspiracy theory. Data collected so far point to the high probability that Oswaldo Paya and Harold Cepero have been killed by the regime of Castro fateful.
Remitos I analyzed the data: In 2006 the British newspaper declared Paya, the Guardian, the political police told him: "I am told that they will kill me before the end of the regime, but I'm not going to flee." Paya's wife, Ofelia Acevedo said "Paya had received death threats on several occasions by agents of the Castro regime."
Relatives of Paya declared to the press that "the survivors called their superiors in Sweden and Spain saying that a truck hit them, the choco and rammed several times."
Furthermore, about thirty days ago a truck rammed his car into Boyeros Avenue and gums kept up, said a supporter of Paya. In the press interview given by the Swedish citizen, Aron Modig, to national and international dam confirmed it had sent message to his superiors in your country but not the content discussed.
The government stated that the circumstances of their deaths were accidental Cuban citizens and blames the driver, the Spanish Carromero Angel Barrios, of manslaughter and is being held on investigation. The Cuban Commission for Human Rights supports the view that it was an accident, and their leader, Elizardo Sanchez, said that: "the impact was brutal and there was no other vehicle involved."
Two photos of the car involved in the tragedy were posted on the social network Facebook, which show a total deterioration in the left side door and rear part of the roof, the rear of the car, trunk, lights and defense are preserved with slight damage. But tears are seen paint accentuated in the rear fender. In the photos posted are not involved in tree log car crash. Interestingly, drivers not near the unfortunate event gave first aid to the traumatized.
As expected witnesses acting under pressure and terror, foreigners related the tragic events reported in line with the thesis of the Castro government. One of them made it to his country and refused to testify to avoid complicating the legal situation remains jailed under investigation for the crime of manslaughter.
There are many types of homicide: consensual, intentional, deicide, domocidio, femicide, filicide, fratricide, infanticide, matricide, patricide, suicide, assassination, uxoricide, etc. But what interested me are well defined manslaughter, murder and felony murder qualified. Because the Castro regime claims that the facts that killed two people of Cuban dissidents was simply an accident, however, the family of one of the deceased and dissent accused the Cuban government of political assassination.
Conceptualization of homicides:
Manslaughter, also called negligent or inadvertent, is a crime that is causing the physical death of a person by a negligent action. This has the following forms of manifestation: "When you perform an action which is known to be fatal and yet he thinks he can help it, but fails and this occurs" or "definitely is ignored when the action is will perform may result in death of the person. "
Homicide qualified, qualified or murder is a crime against human life. "It consists of killing a person concurring certain circumstances, such as treachery, price, reward, promise of remunerative and cruelty, deliberately and inhumanly increasing the pain of the victim".
Manslaughter is the "overflow intentions of the deceased, which originally was intended to damage, but unfortunately was killing her." Eg: "if you hit someone just wanted to cause some bruising, and finished killing him."
In this case of deaths observed Cepero Paya and murky handling of the evidence to be presented as a negligent homicide or accident and blames the release of military regime. The statements of both observed that foreign nationals are under pressure, especially having to serve a long sentence in one of the prisons of the dictatorial regime described by the Torture Committee of the United Nations as violating human dignity.
Although the two foreigners involved accident supported the thesis promoted by the Castro government, numerososas questions arise:
Why one of them being free in their nation reaffirmed its previous allegation if this was true? Presumably postponed to avoid prejudicing the conference that is in Cuba.
Why government experts did not comment on the left front and rear tires on the same side that were punctured?
Why not showed the tree involved in the event? Did the tree truck paint transfer? Why not stop the car in the tree?
Why the car collided with the tree had no material transfer this?
Why the photos displayed in the newspaper Granma on the back (defense) of the car showed no sign of friction as the first photos displayed on Facebook?

MESSAGE OF SYMPATHY TO THE FAMILY AND PAYA Christian Liberation Movement PDF Print E-mail


Our members are deeply dismayed at the death of political activists and Harold Oswaldo Paya Sardinas Cepero. This is an invaluable loss for Cuban democracy movement in their struggle for the freedom of our country.

Paya in over twenty years of tireless work in pursuit of human rights and freedoms for Cubans inalienable left a political legacy-humanist and above all an example undying love of family and good citizen, that are impossible to forget a Free Cuba.

We support the view of Paya family that tragic incident that masks an extrajudicial crime, so it should be investigated by independent national and international sources of the Castro regime.

Our condolences to the families and friends of the patriots Paya and Harold. We also thank God for the recovery of the health of others involved in the tragic event.

During these tears of pain must not forget the promises of God merciful and loving Bible: "At that time Michael, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people, when the time will be freed your people."

Pres. Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet

Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Loss of Oswaldo Paya and HAROLD CEPERO PDF Print E-mail

Irreparable loss of Oswaldo Paya and HAROLD CEPERO

For Ms. Elsa Morejon Hernandez

Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Twitter: @ ElsaMorejon

Loss of Osvaldo Paya and Harold Cepero, human rights activists in Cuba on July 22, has been in a violent car crash on Highway Tunas, Bayamo, Granma Province and in unclear circumstances in full as their immediate families, both pacifist Christian Liberation Movement traveled to the east of the country with the desire to care and help people in need and persecuted by the government of Cuba, were decent people and loved by many Cubans and the international community.

The month of June was the last time my husband Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet and I saw Osvaldo and his wife Ofelia together, we both explained that their car had been overturned them in when traveling on the Avenue in Rancho Boyeros Havana.

Ofelia Acevedo recently told the International Public Opinion "I seek not guilty, I seek the truth

For Osvaldo Paya there a history of repeated threats to his life in the public complaints. The newspaper Granma official organ of the Communist Party of Cuba has published on page three a note from the Ministry of Interior which tells an inquiry into the facts of the alleged traffic accident in the end concluded that continuing the investigation and criminal investigation according Cuban law, but omitted any kind of comment on who were the victims, not one word of testimony of their close relatives on telephone conversation with the people who survived, much less regarding the harassment they faced.

Christian persecution and people for their ideal date from ancient times, during the rebellion of the Mau-Mau, the reign of terror of Idi Amin killed thousands of Christians, millions more suffered under Soviet and Chinese governments.

Today this is a reality in Cuba and other countries of the world, remember that in ancient Roman times a crazed Nero made the Christians the scapegoats for the problems of the empire.

Osvaldo, Harold and hundreds of Cubans accepted the challenge of persecution, and suffering for their ideals of democracy and human rights for Cuba.

The death of Osvaldo Paya and Harold Cepero not surprised off guard, but as pilgrims of truth on humanitarian mission by the Cubans.

The physical pain of the loss of these brothers is immense, when wearing a life of sincere faith suffering is a part of it; Osvaldo was a man who loved God and his family to Cuba, his wife Ofelia Acevedo and her three children need Today more than ever the humanitarian and spiritual support both Cubans and men and women who love God and human dignity.

As the Apostle Peter left us in his first epistle: We hope that the suffering will end one day is not a mirage but a living hope in him who has conquered death.

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