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Dr. Oscar Elías Biscet: Lineage of Heroes

If someone said something similar to when the courage of many disappears there are a few who have the courage of many. Biscet is an example of this statement.

Biscet was born on July 20, 1961, to a humble family in Havana. In 1985, he received a medical degree, specializing in internal medicine. In 1987, he was practicing medicine and teaching courses at the Hospital Obstétrico-Pediátrico Hijas de Galicia where using non official statistics he was able to prove the barbaric abortion procedures that were being done there and all over Cuba; they were performed and continued to be performed as a matter of government policy. His moral principles compelled him to stage various pro life protests which led authorities initiate charges against him in 1994 for carrying out “dangerous activities.”

In 1997, Dr. Biscet, along with companions from the peaceful resistance movement started the Lawton Foundation for Human Rights. They collaborated for over 10 months to carry out a clandestine investigation to document the abortion procedures carried out by the government.

In 1999, Dr. Biscet was arrested and officially accused of crimes such as “dishonoring national symbols,” “disorderly conduct,” “inciting others to commit delinquent acts,” etcetera.

After multiple arrests and unproductive pressure by having him undergo several psychiatric evaluations at the hospital in Mazorra, to force him to leave the country, Dr. Biscet has been set free due to his strength and the chaotic situation that the terrible Castro communist regime faces at home and internationally.

IDEA congratulates Dr. Oscar Elías Biscet for being a strong hold the future restoration of the Cuban institutions.

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