Political assassinations will not stop FREEDOM OF CUBA Print

Political assassinations will not stop FREEDOM OF CUBA
Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet
President of the Lawton Foundation for Human Rights
Presidential Medal of Freedom
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Two Cuban dissident leaders, both with the Sakharov Prize for human rights in the European Union and candidate to the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012, died in suspicious circumstances of extrajudicial killing. These leaders are Oswaldo Paya Sardinas and Laura Pollan, the Christian Liberation Movement (MCL) and the Ladies in White (DB) respectively.
In nothing can surprise these incidents from occurring in our country. This is always a good chance for those who fight for the freedom of Cuba. Because we live under the oppression of a totalitarian dictatorship that violates unscrupulous fundamental freedoms of its citizens. Similarly, there are many stories that demonstrate the bloodthirstiness of the leaders, Fidel and Raul Castro, Cuba's communist regime.
The most cynical and own the mafia in the power of the nation was meticulously chosen three young blacks, make summary judgment, biased, without due process and shoot in less than ten days. Then, with the coolness of a villain satisfied with their action, declared that he had done to curb the potential for mass exodus to freedom of the Cuban people. To rub more salt in the wound, said that, if necessary, would do it again in complete quietness. These amazing facts occurred in April 2003.
His brother, General Raúl, has authored similar bloody and scary stories. In 1959, early in his regime, extrajudicially shot hundreds of ideological adversaries, even populist account vox Fidel weary of so much blood, he said, to stop the bloodshed. So shed no more blood Raúl but continued taking the gallows killing their opponents.
For cases these events are not at all exaggerated, because during the government of General Castro has increased repression of the Cuban people. Beatings of dissent, especially women of the Ladies in White, cruel, degrading and torture in prisons and the deaths of six pro-democracy activists are a shameful record of the Cuban government.
In the circumstances aforesaid grows stronger in my mind the conspiracy theory. Data collected so far point to the high probability that Oswaldo Paya and Harold Cepero have been killed by the regime of Castro fateful.
Remitos I analyzed the data: In 2006 the British newspaper declared Paya, the Guardian, the political police told him: "I am told that they will kill me before the end of the regime, but I'm not going to flee." Paya's wife, Ofelia Acevedo said "Paya had received death threats on several occasions by agents of the Castro regime."
Relatives of Paya declared to the press that "the survivors called their superiors in Sweden and Spain saying that a truck hit them, the choco and rammed several times."
Furthermore, about thirty days ago a truck rammed his car into Boyeros Avenue and gums kept up, said a supporter of Paya. In the press interview given by the Swedish citizen, Aron Modig, to national and international dam confirmed it had sent message to his superiors in your country but not the content discussed.
The government stated that the circumstances of their deaths were accidental Cuban citizens and blames the driver, the Spanish Carromero Angel Barrios, of manslaughter and is being held on investigation. The Cuban Commission for Human Rights supports the view that it was an accident, and their leader, Elizardo Sanchez, said that: "the impact was brutal and there was no other vehicle involved."
Two photos of the car involved in the tragedy were posted on the social network Facebook, which show a total deterioration in the left side door and rear part of the roof, the rear of the car, trunk, lights and defense are preserved with slight damage. But tears are seen paint accentuated in the rear fender. In the photos posted are not involved in tree log car crash. Interestingly, drivers not near the unfortunate event gave first aid to the traumatized.
As expected witnesses acting under pressure and terror, foreigners related the tragic events reported in line with the thesis of the Castro government. One of them made it to his country and refused to testify to avoid complicating the legal situation remains jailed under investigation for the crime of manslaughter.
There are many types of homicide: consensual, intentional, deicide, domocidio, femicide, filicide, fratricide, infanticide, matricide, patricide, suicide, assassination, uxoricide, etc. But what interested me are well defined manslaughter, murder and felony murder qualified. Because the Castro regime claims that the facts that killed two people of Cuban dissidents was simply an accident, however, the family of one of the deceased and dissent accused the Cuban government of political assassination.
Conceptualization of homicides:
Manslaughter, also called negligent or inadvertent, is a crime that is causing the physical death of a person by a negligent action. This has the following forms of manifestation: "When you perform an action which is known to be fatal and yet he thinks he can help it, but fails and this occurs" or "definitely is ignored when the action is will perform may result in death of the person. "
Homicide qualified, qualified or murder is a crime against human life. "It consists of killing a person concurring certain circumstances, such as treachery, price, reward, promise of remunerative and cruelty, deliberately and inhumanly increasing the pain of the victim".
Manslaughter is the "overflow intentions of the deceased, which originally was intended to damage, but unfortunately was killing her." Eg: "if you hit someone just wanted to cause some bruising, and finished killing him."
In this case of deaths observed Cepero Paya and murky handling of the evidence to be presented as a negligent homicide or accident and blames the release of military regime. The statements of both observed that foreign nationals are under pressure, especially having to serve a long sentence in one of the prisons of the dictatorial regime described by the Torture Committee of the United Nations as violating human dignity.
Although the two foreigners involved accident supported the thesis promoted by the Castro government, numerososas questions arise:
Why one of them being free in their nation reaffirmed its previous allegation if this was true? Presumably postponed to avoid prejudicing the conference that is in Cuba.
Why government experts did not comment on the left front and rear tires on the same side that were punctured?
Why not showed the tree involved in the event? Did the tree truck paint transfer? Why not stop the car in the tree?
Why the car collided with the tree had no material transfer this?
Why the photos displayed in the newspaper Granma on the back (defense) of the car showed no sign of friction as the first photos displayed on Facebook?